Dear parent, grandparent, artist, businessperson, or anyone who has valuables that deserve a custom frame:

Do you have any special moments or accomplishments of your loved ones that you beam with pride about you want to put on display in your home or office? This is for you.

Do you have an old family heirloom that is collecting dust, exposed and fading with each passing day and want to protect it from being damaged and preserve it from the elements? This is for you.

Are you an artist that just finished another masterpiece and wants to either increase the value of your beautiful and creative artwork to sell it, or enter it into a show? This is also for you!

Or maybe you just experienced a momentous life event like graduation, marriage, buying a home, or starting a family? THIS is for you!

When we opened our doors in 1951 as an office supply store in Downtown Bradenton, we had no idea the impact we'd one day have on our art community. It's been 16 years after expanding into the art supply industry and we really feel like we're just beginning. From Day One, we have been radically committed to providing artists with top notch art supplies, hands on workshops, expert product knowledge, and building a community of encouragement and inspiration in which they could thrive. We have an obligation to our client base, and that's to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to help them succeed. After spending hours talking with our customers, listening to their needs, researching available vendors, purchasing top-of-the-line equipment, and bringing in the best personnel we could find, we unveiled our plans to open a brand new custom frame shop in the heart of Downtown Bradenton. The response has been amazing! 

Here's what people are saying already:

Karen Schluntz says: I would recommend Keeton’s Custom Framing to everybody - I think it’s great! I wasn’t comfortable taking my work to other framers, and Mark really helped me out. He’s a great artist, too!

Joan Reid says: I found my parent’s naturalization papers from way back when. They were crumbled up and he did a great job putting them back together. I had a lot of questions for him and he was able to answer them very well. I had an excellent experience. He explained everything very well. He is very pleasant. 

Diane Simon says: Mark is excellent. My art students love him. I have his flyers on the art room wall and always recommend him to people. I enter my artwork into exhibitions. I turn to Mark to have to have them professionally done. 

Steven Levin says: We have had truly positive experiences with Keeton's Custom Frame Shop at the Villa Serena Inn and our other properties. They have handled the framing of both traditional and unusual pieces with imagination, flare and care. Always cognizant of our needs, the shop merits the highest of recommendations!!

Whether you already have a great idea for how you want your piece to be framed, or you need expert advice choosing frame and mat options that would work BEST for you, we can help!

It's never been easier to take that piece you've been wanting to do something special with and make it happen! 

You don't need to spend any more of your time calling around to different frame shops, getting pricing, asking what their options are, explaining what your needs are and HOPING they get it right. Your valuables deserve the detailed attention and personal service our customers have come to expect over the past 65 years we've been doing business in our town. 

Keeton's first class service is PERFECT for anyone who wants special attention paid to them and their prized possessions.

Whether you have an art show coming up, your child is graduating college, you've purchased a beautiful piece of art, you have Grandpa's war medals in a box, you are an interior designer, or just have a need for custom framing, we're confident we can help!

A note from custom framing specialist, Mark-
If you’re not sure where to start with your piece, don't worry any longer – I will do my best to make you feel comfortable, recommend the best frames and mats to complement your piece, and keep on schedule with your order. All you have to do is bring in what you need framed, and I'll walk you through the rest!

Every piece I do is unique. My job is to accentuate the artwork and enhance it. I make the frame a part of it and keep the artwork the main focus. I love creating something that makes people say, 'Wow!'

In addition to custom framing, I'm also a practicing artist. This helps me take a creative approach to each new framing project. Every piece is different and has it's own characteristics that I try to highlight.

 Your Product Options:

  1. Frames: High quality Larson Juhl moldings at a variety of price points, styles, and finishes.
  2. Matting: High precision custom mat cutting. 100's of mat options available.
    1. Optional: personalized calligraphy by our very own Calligraphist, Joey Long.
  3. Glazing: Regular Glass, Conservation Glass, Museum Glass, or Acrylic Plexi-Glass.
  4. Hanging: Wire, D-Rings, Wall Buddies, Z-Bar, and Security Hardware.
  5. Other Framing Options: Custom Sized Mirrors, Shadowboxes, Framed Jerseys, Diplomas/Certificates, Gallery Wrap stretching of rolled canvas or canvas prints, Light Boxes, Memorabilia, Medals, Invitations, and more.


Your custom frame job includes:
• Step by step customizing to match your style, personality, decor, paint colors, etc.
• Patience to choose the framing and mat options best for you.
• Wizard design tool to create any custom mat design.
Peace of mind. You won't feel rushed. Mark knows custom framing can be very detailed and he will walk you through the process.
• Mark's knowledge and 10 years of experience with custom framing, art, glass options, matting, show entry guidelines & more.
• A high quality final product at a great price.
• A new friend Mark, because he's really personable and awesome :)


INCLUDES Installed hanging hardware, fittings, pins, dust cover, spacer. $15 value

INCLUDES Wrapping with high quality presentation paper. $5 value

To get the conversation started with Mark, please complete the form below: